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Since the dawn of man, the mountains have served as a wellspring of inspiration for kids. There’s just something about entering the high peaks that inspires a sense of adventure not easily found at say, the beach.

Maybe it’s because Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, Wyoming’s Tetons, and Utah’s Wasatch Range are the polar opposite of suburban America scenes. For kids, mountain inspiration is palpable, it’s eye opening, and there is perhaps no better place to foster a sense of adventure in your children than on a ski vacation.

“You are not in the mountains. The mountains are in you.” – John Muir

Not only is the scenery humbling but skiing or snowboarding can teach kids to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, a necessary tool for future adventure seekers. With the help of a quality ski school, kids can safely overcome challenges, learn to cope with fear, and gain self-confidence by undertaking a lifelong sport. Afterward, relax in style at a ski lodge in comfort and recount the day’s experiences before getting up and doing it again the next day. Here are the necessary pieces towards giving the next generation the gift of adventure.

Start Them Early

A key to passing along the gift of adventure is starting your children skiing or snowboarding at a young age. While there’s no harm in letting the kiddo balance between your skis at younger ages (1-2), most ski schools limit admission to 3 years and older, as long as they are potty trained. 

Find The Right Balance

The key to any memorable family ski vacation is striking a balance between adventure and relaxation. Thankfully, ski vacations are uniquely suited for every member of the family because they allow for solo down time, relaxing moments spent with spouses, and adventure shared with the kids.

Connect Through Adventure

Spend a full day skiing with your kids after they’ve gotten schooled. Seeing the next generation progress in their ski technique will fill your heart with pride and keep you and the rest of the gang coming back for years to come.

Top Flite Ski Schools:

Vail, Colorado

Taos, New Mexico

Aspen Snowmass, Colorado

Park City, Utah

Northstar at Lake Tahoe, California

Keystone, Colorado

Deer Valley, Utah

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